School Meals Programme And Free After School

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Our school has implemented many schemes such as the Home-School Community Liaison Scheme, Learning Support Teacher Scheme, School Meals Programme and Free after School Study to help all students and create a learning environment in which each student has equal oppurtunity.
The Home-School Community Liaison Scheme aims to improve co-operation between home, schools and communities to advance the educational interests of disadvantaged children by encouraging, supporting and and facilitating partnership between parents and teachers. According to the HOME SCHOOL COMMUNITY LIAISON Scheme (2016) The Home schools liasion offier also works with staff to develop an understanding of educational disadvantage and promote innovative approaches and
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After school study for free

As a school we aim to create practical support for our students needa, along with one-to-one tuition, a warm place to go at the beginning and end of the day, food, and the enrichment activities (sport, trips and cultural activities) that some families cannot afford.

There was more of a presence of meritocracy a number of years ago, and most schools have made decisions to end streaming classes. Purely from a social inequity point of view this is a smart move. We have already established that working class students fare less well so by streaming they would more than likely be in the one class. Unfortunately Smyth et al (2004) states that streaming of students is more prevalent in schools in disadvantaged areas which is the case in our schools. As illustrated in Hart et al (2007) 'Government-sponsored initiatives to raise standards and improve practice in schools have placed particular emphasis upon the need to differentiate by 'ability '. DEIS schools have a stem test for students entering the schools at the beginning. It is clearly evident that the brightest students are put in a higher level of class with a breakdown of other students afterwards. The schools reproduce such inequality that even those students that the test do not highlight are much after a later period. This myself I have witness, where teachers are asked for the top three students of each. What

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