School Mean Fell Below The Average Achievement Level Of Students

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In Year 3 the students placed above the average achievement level of students in Australia in persuasive writing and fell just below the average in spelling, grammar and punctuation. In persuasive writing, Grafton Public had 9% more students achieve a band 6 or above and 6% more students achieve a band 5 compared to statistically similar schools. The band with the highest placement of scores from the Grafton schoolchildren for persuasive writing was band 5. In Year 5, there was a decline in the persuasive writing scores as the school mean fell below the Australian average. Grafton Public students showed very little improvement in this area from Year 3. Scores in spelling and grammar and punctuation increased, yet still fell just short…show more content…
(ACARA, 2016). 2. RESULTS INTERPRETED Grafton Public School ranked just below the average Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage value, indicating it has a slight educational disadvantage compared the other Australian schools. Almost half (48%) of the students at Grafton Public fall in the bottom quarter of socio-educational advantage according to the distribution of students across Australia. The number of teaching staff at the school totals 38 and this number has been consistent over the past 8 years, meaning students may have exposure to multiple educators to who can offer educational support. Students at Grafton Public School have quite an immaculate attendance score of 90%, which is an encouraging statistic as students are responding positively to being present in their educational setting and constantly immersing themselves in a positive learning environment. Strengths and Weaknesses Grafton Public School has demonstrated they are maintaining the Australian average for spelling. In Year 3, the school has a smaller margin of confidence and the students fall predominantly in bands 3, 4 and 5. This bell curve result demonstrates that the majority of students are achieving similar scores. Despite the fact the students fall just short of the Australian schools average, there is clearly room for improvement. Spelling results from the same cohort in Year 5 show similar results, whereby the average student
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