School Mise En Scene

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The first function of mise-en-scene is to establish the time and space of the story. In the beginning of the movie we see the low-key lighting of a high school before it cuts to different shots inside the high school, such as the hallways, the cafeteria, the lockers, etc.
The next function of mise-en-scene is revealing the characters. After we get a look around the school, we see five students getting dropped off at the school. Once they enter the school’s library, we can see what they’re wearing. The first student, Claire, is wearing a light pink top with a red skirt and red boots. On the color wheel, the pink shirt indicates love and friendship while the red skirt represents joy, passion, and sensitivity. The next student, Andrew, is wearing a dark blue and gray varsity jacket with light blue jeans. On the color wheel, dark blue represents knowledge, power, and seriousness while light blue represents health, healing, and understanding.
Next is Brian. He is wearing a dark green with khaki pants. The color wheel shows that dark green represents ambition, greed, and jealousy. Next is Allison, who is wearing all black. Black sweater, black shirt, black skirt, and black shoes. Black is mostly associated with mystery.
Finally, there is John. He’s wearing
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John was being a bully to mostly everyone when the movie first started. Brian was quiet but eventually opened and showed us his sweet personality, but then it was revealed that he was determined to get an A on everything. Allison was a mystery and at first, we didn’t understand her but towards the end we could kind of see why she was the way she was. Andrew didn’t really have the personality of a high school jock but we could see that he was doing all those things just to make his father like him more. Lastly, Claire did come across as a little princess since it’s hinted in the movie that her dad did mostly everything for her and let her get away with some
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