School Nurses

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Advocacy for health is often viewed as a key duty for a healthcare provider within a school (Turner, Owen, Watson, 2015). Nurses are in a unique position to promote a healthy lifestyle through nutritious eating choices and physical activity in the school setting on an individual basis and on school media platforms as well as in various community settings (Nabors, 2015). School nurses state an ambition to be more engaged in increasing healthy weights within children. Children attending school offers healthcare providers the means to influence overweight students (Turner, Owen, Watson, 2015). Healthcare providers within school systems have the ability to fulfill the task of classifying obesity, offer options for outside help with obesity, and render encouragement for overweight or obese students (Watson, et al.,…show more content…
School nurses are closely related in the maintenance and improvement of physical weight in children. School nurses are able to provide services such as BMI examination, promoting healthy food options, collaborating with school employees to encourage student exercise, providing education for caretakers of children regarding healthy activity and behaviors, and encouraging participation of the community to further the achievement of maintaining and improving children's physical weight (Council on School Health, 2012). Although acknowledging advocacy for health is an important duty for healthcare providers within schools, school nurses feel inadequate to administer quality care, as a result of decreased employment and a volume of other tasks that need to be completed. This is also accompanied by an absence of childhood obesity education and a lack of distinct protocols and a routine system. School nurses reported using skillful reasoning and individual experience to fulfill education and interventional needs for obese children rather than having professional
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