School Nursing As A Community Health Nursing Job

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The number 8.6 seems like a fairly small number. This number however, becomes much more substantial number when you recognize it is the percent of American children who currently have asthma, according to the Centers for Disease Control (Asthma, 2016). In a grade school with approximately four-hundred students, hypothetically, there would be approximately thirty-four children requiring interventions for asthma. On a daily basis, a school nurse will encounter numerous health conditions, such as diabetes and seizure disorders, that he or she must provide interventions for (Five). The purpose of this paper is to discuss school nursing as a community health nursing job, to describe my day shadowing Beth Hilleman, the school nurse at Jonesboro Grade School, and the specific details of this program.
Before my day shadowing, I was able to find some information about school nursing role from the journal article, the Role of the School Nurse in Providing School Health Services. According to the article, the school nurse provides a variety of roles which includes surveillance of chronic diseases, behavioral health assessments, emergency preparedness, health education, and care management. School nurses even provide case management services. School nursing is a specialized practice of nursing. These nurses should have a full knowledge about normal growth and development and how to educate others about it, be proficient at educating about health and safety, and should be…

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