School Observation And Comparison With Japan

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Thus far, we mainly looked three aspects of IWB by literature review, school observation and comparison with Japan. In the literature review, I mentioned the difference of pupils’ increased motivation one with the “novelty value of ICT” and other with the comprehensibility. In the observation, an example of the efficient innovation of IWB in classroom, supporting system and teacher training were described. And in comparison part, the problem of a technical (but a fundamental) issue that leads the low diffusion of IWB in Japan was explained. From all of these three aspects, I would like to make an action plan to identify how I should innovate the IWB to my classroom and to what I should pay attention. 5.1 First step: innovating IWB to the classroom This might be a quite realistic suggestion, but as the first step of innovating IWB to my own school, adopting what type of IWB should be carefully investigated. In a limited budget, it might be difficult to adopt wall-ceiling fixation type to all classrooms, but that does not mean that adopting movable-front projection type is the best way. As it was clarified in the comparison, movable-front projection type is very useful in the situation that requires the flexibility of IWB. This is for example in office or business setting, but not in educational setting which requires stable daily use of it with the limited teacher’s time capacity. Therefore, even though the budget is limited, by assigning priority for the adopting
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