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I observed Mrs. Ruffs First grade class at Carlin Park Elementary. The class consisted of 11 girls and 11 boys. While I watched the class, I focused in on trying to notice the difference between the two sexes. I observed that the girls and the boys are similar in the way they carry themselves. They were both very active in the activity they were playing. The activity they played was a version of tag that there was one person it and they all needed to run away from the tagger and if they were tag, they turned into a zombie where they crawled around trying to tag other people that were still in. The catch of the game is that everyone needed to run on a line in on the gym floor. Boy or girl, they all were very energetic in not wanting to get tagged. The boys sometimes went off track and didn’t pay attention to directions as much as the girls did but for the most part, the instructions were explained in detail that the first graders could understand the game and have fun playing it.
(Repeat from first two Observations)
When I asked Mrs. Ruff her opinion about co-ed physical education and at what ages/grades would it be better to separate the two sexes, her response was passionate which made me feel good and glad I asked the question. Mrs. Ruff believes that co-ed classes are good for students and do more good for the kids than harm. She has not had a problem at the elementary level and feels that her students get more out of being together with one another and that the level of

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