School Of Built Environment ( 2014-2016 ) Essay

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RICS- SCHOOL OF BUILT ENVIRONMENT(2014-2016) Stakeholder Management in Municipal Solid waste Management in India For the partial fulfillment for the award of the degree in Master of Business Administration- School of Construction By: Akshay Paliwal MBA CPM (E. NO : A13559014075) “Stakeholder Participation & their Analysis in the system of solid waste management in India through stakeholder engagement tools & techniques for more effective solid waste management techniques & promotion of waste to energy conversion techniques in the urbanizing areas” Declaration I, Akshay Paliwal bearing Reg. No. A13559014075, a student of MBA(Construction Project Management), RICS School of Built Environmenthumbly declare that I have Completed from time to time all the works assigned to me & the essentials required to prepare this research paper From 21st January 2016 and ending on 14th April 2015 as described in this report by my own skills. I certify that I have not copied the report or its appreciable part from any other literature in contravention of academic ethics. Registration No: A13559014082 Course: MBA-CPM RICS School of Built Environment Date: April 2016 Signature Faculty Guide Approval Page This is to certify that Akshay Paliwal has successfully completed the non teaching credit course(NTCC)-2 under my guidance. This Report was put forward for the award of Degree of MBA in Construction Project Management. It is submitted in the
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