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School of Engineering and Information Technology ASSESSMENT COVER SHEET Student Name George Mamouzellos Student ID S150313 Assessment Title Draft Project Report Unit Number and Title PMO303 Project Part B Lecturer/Tutor Barbara White Date Submitted 7th September 2014 Date Received Office use only KEEP A COPY Please be sure to make a copy of your work. If you have submitted assessment work electronically make sure you have a backup copy. PLAGIARISM Plagiarism is the presentation of the work of another without acknowledgement. Students may use a limited amount of information and ideas expressed by others but this use must be identified by appropriate referencing. CONSEQUENCES OF PLAGIARISM Plagiarism is misconduct as defined under the Student Conduct By-Laws. The penalties associated with plagiarism are designed to impose sanctions on offenders that reflect the seriousness of the University’s commitment to academic integrity. * By submitting this assignment and cover sheet electronically, in whatever form you are deemed to have made the declaration set out above. DRAFT PROJECT REPORT By George Mamouzellos Table of Contents Abstract 3 Background 4 Introduction 5 Selecting the correct Implementation 6 Process preparation 7 Integration 8 ERP Benefits 9 ERP Risks 9 Inadequate Training 10 Software Stability 10 Commitment 10 Software Selection 10 Approach 11 ERP and Standardization 11 Implementation Issues 12 Conclusion 12 References 13
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