School Of Nursing Analysis Paper

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School of Nursing Analysis Paper The University of Rochester, School of Nursing was founded in 1928, concurrently with the Strong Memorial Hospital and the School of Medicine and Dentistry. The School of Nursing became an independent school in 1968, partnering nursing with medicine and becoming an organizational model that would influence nursing at a national level. In 1998, declining baccalaureate enrollment and the financial crisis that this caused created new challenges for the School. Competition among area schools fueled changes. The School of Nursing could no longer compete with tuition rates for baccalaureate programs at other schools. Prospective students were choosing schools with lower cost of tuition for nursing programs. The School of Nursing had to quickly figure out how to make their programs marketable. The decision was made to phase out the generic baccalaureate program and restructure the program so that it was geared toward registered nurses. What was born from this restructure was the accelerated program for non-nurses and the registered nurse to baccalaureate program (RN to BS). During the 1999 strategic planning process, emphasis was focused on creating nationally recognized areas for research as identified by the Medical Center (Strong Memorial Hospital). To help with this goal, faculty was recruited specifically to enhance the School of Nursing’s research and scholarship programs. The School of Nursing’s emphasis changed from the student
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