School Organization

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School organization
The school organization is the arrangement of the school in a group of people that work together to accomplish group goals. The organization refers to the form of the enterprise or institution and the arrangement of the human and material resources functioning in a manner to achieve the objectives of the enterprise. It represents two or more than two people respectively specializing in functions of each perform, working together towards a common goal as governed by formal rules of behaviour. The administration is concerned with the determination of corporate policy and the overall coordination of production, distribution and finance. The management is referring to the execution of policy within the limits which are
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At this point, the students are very innocent and just accept all the knowledge that has been given by the teachers. They did not think critically and just on the surface of the chapter. This organization is very crucial so that the students will not be shocked to learn and they can understand easily. Elementary school-age kids benefit from regularly hearing about persistence. So, teach them different ways to talk about problem solving such as, “I won’t quit,” and “I can do it,” and “It is always the hardest at the first, but it will get easier.” Borba also suggest that we need to maintain the families overall attitude by always support each other. That will not just build a positive thinking in the student’s mind but also tighten the bond of family relationship. Finally, we can tell the stories either from our own life or we can ask the school librarian to recommend books about the characters who manage to succeed despite the obstacles. The second level is middle school. The middle school is defines as the period in student’s life that take place after elementary school and before high school. The school organization takes places in order to shape the students attitude so that they are not easily influenced by any bad things. Students at this period in their lives experience rapid physical, emotion and intellectual growth, matched in scope only by the first three years of life; they are experiencing fast and sometimes confusing changes. Middle
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