School Performance And The Risk Of Suicidal Thoughts

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School Performance and the Risk of Suicidal Thoughts
Usha Katuwal
Caldwell University
Professor Stephanie Melick
General Psychology I (WI)

Suicide is an act of killing oneself intentionally. We hear different stories of people committing suicide every day because of various reasons like failure, heartbreaks, depression, fear, drug overdose, family, or parental pressure, etc. Suicide is a major social problem today. According to Hecht (2013), suicide is exceeding murder as the cause of death worldwide. It is very important to identify the major factors causing suicide so that it can be controlled and people’s lives can be saved. The article “School Performance and the Risk of Suicidal Thoughts in young adults:
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7). The individuals were asked if they had ever considered or planned to commit suicide. “There were four answer alternatives: ‘No, never’, ‘Yes, in the last week’, ‘Yes, in the last year’ and ‘Yes, three years ago’,” (Kosidou, 2014, para. 8). The participants were required to self-report their financial strain and employment status, and present a positive psychiatry history before taking the survey.
The results showed that suicidal thoughts were prevalent in 23.2% of the participants, among which 18% were men and 27% were women. 5.6% participants had experienced suicidal thoughts in the last year, 1.1% during the last week and 16.5% earlier than a year ago (Kosidou, 2014, para. 8). “The relationship between school performance and suicidal thoughts was attenuated, but remained significant, when controlled for financial strain and employment status, two indicators of adult socioeconomic conditions” (Kosidou, 2014, para. 8). So, the study suggested that financial and employment problems only partly explain how low school performance and suicidal thoughts are related. The authors also concluded that people with low IQ have prolonged suicidal thoughts than those with high IQ, so they are more likely to act upon them (Kosidou, 2014, para. 8). This is the reason why people with lower IQ scores are more likely to kill themselves.
Various studies have been
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