School Plant Facilities

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Empirical Analysis of School Plant Planning as a Determinant of Secondary School Students' Academic Performance
Volume 9 Issue 1 Winter 2011
Posted On Thu, Mar 24 2011 12:34:00
Authors: Kayode Olu Ijaduola , Joshua Oni , K.O. Muraina
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The school could be viewed as an organized environment where educational curricular are interpreted. It is a formal structured organization which serves as a transitional stage in life between family and the society (Olabode, 2002; Musa, 2004; Tabir, 2004). Conversely, the school plant according to Nwokafor and others (2001), is the totality of all things that make up a school system. It
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The attainment of an effective teaching and learning is therefore closely related to the location of the school, the organization and arrangement of the physical structures and other educational facilities in the school (Adepoju and Akinwunmi, 2001; Amosun, 2002, Ojerinde, 2004, Massachusetts, 2005 and Fehintola, 2009).
Kolawole (2000), Abdulkareem (2003), Usaa (2008), Ijaduola (2008b) and Abayomi (2009) remarked that the physical appearances and general condition of school facilities are the striking bases upon which many parents and friends of educational institution make their initial judgement about the qualities of what goes on in the school. They all agreed that schools with well coordinated plant planning and maintenance practice, recorded better students performance be they in rural or urban schools.
Academic performance according to Adu, Ojelabi and Adeyanju (2009) can simply be viewed as an outcome of all academic tasks or rigours of a person which could be poorly or successfully stated. As noted by Ijaduola (2008d), academic performance cannot be gingered in students if they are discouraged. Teachers are expected to meaningfully contribute to student's academic performance. A weighty academic performance of a student is sometimes attributed to higher teachers' efficiency.
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