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“Research evidence suggests that pupils' behaviour can be influenced by all the major features and processes of a school. These include the quality of its leadership, classroom management, behaviour policy, curriculum, pastoral care, buildings and physical environment, organisation and timetable and relationships with parents.” (Elton Report, DES, 1989)

The secondary education issue I have chosen to focus on for this presentation is Whole School Behaviour Policies and how such policies can influence the teaching and learning experiences in school through the use of sanctions and rewards.
I chose this area to focus on because, as a student teacher on a teaching placement, behaviour in schools is one of my biggest concerns and also
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(Swanlea School Behaviour Policy)
The policy also sets out the rights of staff and students, which are summarised as:
• Every student has the right to learn at his or her optimum rate, without being hindered by others
• Every student has the right to live each day in school without fear. Bullying, threatening behaviour, racial or sexual harassment and damage to property will not be tolerated.
• All staff have the right to go about their work without being hampered (Swanlea School Behaviour Policy)

This reflects a clear alignment with research by Cowley (2006) who states that:
“Different types of school have very different and specific behavioural problems, and ideally the whole-school behaviour policy should be linked closely to the particular difficulties your school faces.” (Cowley, 2006, p172)
The school’s behaviour policy is clearly in place to create a positive environment for pupils but it is also there for the benefit of teachers and staff to create a positive
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