School Principals And School Counselors

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Introduction School principals typically hire and train school counselors to fulfill the needs of his or her respective school. How each individual principal views the position can be vastly different from district to district and even contrast between schools within the same district. This article disaggregates data from a study conducted in Florida where 459 middle school principals were interviewed and completed surveys regarding their desired roles and functions of their school counselors as well as how those counselors were being utilized within their schools currently. Additionally the article compares data from this survey to a similar survey conducted within the same demographics in 1993. In 1993 administrators perceived school counselor roles as school leader, case consultant, clerical direct service provider, administrative team player, and substitute teacher. In contrast today principals do not place as much emphasis on disciplinary administrative actions and scheduling, but incorrectly continue to consider substitute teacher duties, clerical responsibilities, and test coordination as primary functions of a school counselor. Because of this discrepancy, counselors report it is difficult to fulfill what they perceive as their primary role — facilitators of the academic, social, and personal development of students. Similarly, counselors acknowledge the importance of administrator support when developing counseling programs within a middle school.…

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