School Program For Physical Therapy

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It is six o’clock on a Friday night and a group of friends sit throughout a cozy apartment room, a few on the sofa, a few by the bar tabletop and one on the floor. Each holds a glass of wine and each has a smile on their face as laughter pours through the room. Each of the girls is a senior at Central Michigan University. They studied a variety of majors and they are all moving on to a variety of jobs or further education, but they were brought together because of involvement in an extra-curricular activity on campus at CMU. “We all met through the school’s dance company,” Kalie Dickman, psychology major, said. “The funny thing is, none of us majored in dance or plan to pursue dancing specifically in our futures, but it is something we were all passionate about, so we wanted to stay involved after high school.” Dickman will be attending Central’s graduate school program for physical therapy. She plans to use her dance background along with her medical knowledge to be a physical therapist for a dance company or sports team. “It’s easy to be involved in organizations for your major or what you hope to do later on,” Dickman said. “But, college is also about learning what you love and need in your life. I think we’d all agree that for us dance is a big part of that.” Noises of assent with that statement filled the room. Many students find that being involved in extra-curricular groups make the college experience more fun, more rewarding, less stressful and aids in networking,
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