School Psychology as a Career

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School Psychology
Career paper
Psychology 250

My subject of attention is school psychology and career choice is school psychology. I have researched this topic and found lots of valuable information to discuss. I will cover all aspects of this career including a definition of what it involves on a day to day basis, why I have chosen this career as my subject of interest, common personality characteristics and values that go along well with this job. I will also talk about the minimum requirements and educational path that must be followed for this career choice along with advancement opportunities. Lastly, I will discuss the leading companies in this area, local perspectives, and present outlooks and salaries that can be expected
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Coursework along this path demands both education and psychology due to the nature of the work. There are mental health components and educational aspects. The masters degree in psychology requires at least two years of full-time graduate study and usually includes practical experience in an applied setting and a thesis based on personal research that is original. Getting accepted into graduate programs for psychology can be full of competition. School psychologists must meet credential and licensing requirements for individual states. These vary state by state. The licensing varies by type of position and is based on professional competence through training and experience. Some states require continuing education for renewal of licenses. According to Landrum and Davis (2009) “right now twenty-nine states recognize the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) designation on a national level” (p.73). Credentials transfer from state to state in this case and new credential exams do not have to be taken when moving from one of these states to another. Requirements for the NCSP include completion of sixty graduate semester hours in school psychology, a twelve hundred hour internship (six hundred hours in school setting), and a passing score on the National School Psychology exam.
Psychologists can improve their
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