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Development and Assessment of Well Control Procedures for Extended Reach and Multilateral Wells Utilizing Computer Simulation by Dr. Jerome J. Schubert, Texas A&M University Dr. Jonggeun Choe, Seoul National University, Korea Mr. Bjorn Gjorv, Texas A&M University Mr. Max Long, Texas A&M University Final Project Report Prepared for the Minerals Management Service Under the MMS/OTRC Cooperative Research Agreement 1435-01-99-CA-31003 Task Order 85222 Project Number 440 December 2004 OTRC Library Number: 12/04-A146 “The views and conclusions contained in this document are those of the authors and should not be interpreted as representing the opinions or policies of the U.S. Government. Mention of trade names or commercial…show more content…
“Olga”, a well known multiphase simulator, was used to study the effects of varied hole and pipe size combinations, and hole angles from 80 degree from vertical to 100 degrees from vertical on the efficient removal of gas kicks. Results show that annular velocities of up to 3.4 ft/sec may be required to efficiently remove gas from near horizontal wellbores with relatively large annular spaces. Task 4 – Work on Task 4 has begun, but has not been completed at this date. Dr. Jonggeun Choe is scheduled to arrive in College Station in early January, 2005, where he and Dr. Schubert will complete this task. This work will be reported in a supplemental report that will be provided to the MMS in mid February, 2005. Conclusions Results from this study can be useful in planning well kill operations. The planning process can be summarized as follows: 1. Determine the capacities of the mud/gas separation equipment to determine the maximum circulation rate that this equipment can tolerate. 2. Compare this rate to the optimum circulation rate to remove gas from the horizontal portion of the hole. a. If the minimum rate to remove gas from the horizontal section exceeds the maximum rate that can be handled by the surface equipment, the kill operation should begin at the higher kill rate to remove gas
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