School Safety Is Not The Most Heinous Act Of School Violence

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Safer Schools December 1, 1997, Michael Carneal, a freshman in West Paducah, Kentucky opened fire on his classmates, killing three and wounding five. One year later, on March 5, 1998, Mitchell Woodward shot and killed five classmates and wounded eleven in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Just one year after that, Eric Harris and Dylan Kleibold committed the most heinous act of school violence in United States history in Littleton, Colorado. There, in Columbine High School, Harris and Kleibold killed twelve students, a teacher and later took their own lives. Random acts of school violence seemed to spread across the nation undetected, and protecting no one. School safety is not an issue to be taken lightly, for in order to ensure student and teacher safety, schools should increase security both inside and out of the building, and have a counselor for students and teachers alike to talk to. These events occurred eighteen years ago, and it is important for all students, kindergarten through high school, to recognize the issue of school violence as a problem that must not go unnoticed. While for the most part, the incidents of violence that engulf many high schools and middle schools are rare, it is students who could be indirectly affected by school tragedies. For example, one may have a friend whose sister was in a shooting, or a cousin whose school was on lockdown. Furthermore, there may come a day when one’s own child will be at school fearfully hiding from another angry classmate.

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