School Safety

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School Safety The issue of school safety has become a controversial topic in the United States, due to tragic acts of violence occurring on a daily basis. American citizens should never have to cope with the negative impact of school violence, no matter how often they hear about the tragedies (Jones, "Parents" 1). In the past, schools were viewed as a safe place for children to get an education. Recently, the concern over violence in schools has taken a toll on many parents, school administrators, and legislatures (Eckland 1). Studies have shown that there are over 3 million acts of violence in American public schools each year. Not all occurrences are serious and deadly, but they occur on a daily basis throughout our country…show more content…
Faculty members believe that caustic punishment will have more of an impact (Kohn 320). They hope that a policy known as Zero Tolerance will help find a solution to enforce friendly behavior and eliminate violent behavior from the school system. Problems arise within the policy as it focuses on students that commit violence rather than trying to exterminate the issue or teach that this is improper behavior. Schools jump quickly to remove the troubled child from their campus for many reasons. The main reason for reaction is not due to safety concerns, but to the fact that school officials are more worried about having an Exemplary campus. In response, the student is not learning a moral lesson for their actions (Kohn 321). Kohn established his credibility by writing an educational and informative article about school safety. He used evidence and real life situations to connect with the readers. He connected with the reader’s emotions by stating instances where children have been affected or severely injured. He described the instances and provided examples as support. Through this essay, Kohn clearly established his concerns and problems that need to be addressed to make the public school system safer for everyone that enters. A main issue in school safety is the financial constraints that have prevented security measures from being instituted in numerous
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