School Safety

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Everyday students are leaving school and getting hurt, outsiders are coming into schools and hurting students, insiders such as students and staff have also been known to hurt our school-age children and there is nothing being done about it. School is not optional; it is required by law for every child to go to school, so school should not be feared by the students it should be a safe learning environment. "More U.S. high school students are skipping class because they feel unsafe even though the general level of violence in schools has fallen since the early 1990s, federal health officials reported" (Siamo 1). Being that school safety is currently a big issue some things that need to be addressed are, what safety measures are being taken,…show more content…
Also, all schools should make sure to do an extensive background check on all staff to make sure they do not hire anyone who has a record. Most states already do but some do not. For example, if a teacher is a sexual predator and the school does a background check then it would reveal that he/she is not quantified to teach children. All of these things would be a giant step into improving the safety of our schools. Whose fault is it if a student is harmed? Well in my opinion every school depending on the size or amount of students should have between one and five security guards and/or resource officers. So, if there are no officers or guards to keep things under control or keep predators out I think it should reflect on the school. In most states, the law is that each school must be assigned a resource officer each year. So, if a school doesn 't have some sort of officer and a child is beaten or molested and it could have been prevented if an officer was around checking the bathrooms, closets, classrooms, gym, and lunchroom, the school is more than guilty of the crime. "In fact, most school resource officers have prevented far more incidents an crimes from occurring than they have made actual arrests" (Unknown 1). As you see there are not many precautions being taken at high schools to prevent violence. The sad part is there are many ways
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