School Safety, Police Response, And Cell Phones Usage During A Crisis

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As I read through Columbine by Dave Cullen, there were many aspects of this tragedy that made me feel sad, frustrated and angry about the events that led up to and occurred on that day. Columbine is something you have heard about, read articles about and seen how it has changed the public school systems since that tragic day occurred. You do not realize the true impact that day had until you read this book. It gives you a true prospective on the importance of school safety, police response, media response and cell phones usage during a crisis. Organizing to write this paper, it was hard to gather all my thoughts and keep my emotions in check when describing how the book made me feel. The first thing that struck me was how emergency response teams were not prepared for Columbine because it was one of the first major shootings with the involvement of cell phones in schools. It was amazing the number of phone calls that were generated into 911 centers because of students having cell phones many students gave up calling 911 and started to call the local media. I hope now we are prepared for the amount of information that comes into a center because of the increase of social media and cell phones, but it opened my eye on how that was one of the first shootings that a specific call center had to deal with such volume. I was amazed at the mass confusing it caused media, firefighters, parents and law enforcement. It was very upsetting to read “outside it was mayhem: choppers
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