Essay on School Safety: Protecting the Students

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School Safety: Protecting the Students For many students a positive academic environment is increasingly harder to obtain. This is mainly due to their lack of safety. Whether it be inside the classroom or out. Unfavorable situations at home, psychological stability, physical dangers and violence all contribute to this evident shortage. There have been investigations on how organizations, teachers and parents collaborate together in today's society to influence the students understanding of safety in school. The purpose of this paper is to display some examples of each aforementioned contribution and show some of the current measures being taken to aid today's students. Developments within the past decade have opened up new ways…show more content…
And with not caring about safety, leads to not caring of academics. As stated in the NEA article, This positive academic environment begins with safe families and safe communities, statistically, schools continue to be one of the most secure places for our children. When that is taken away from a student, they have no drive anymore to follow through with their education. A lot of the time weaponry is involved. Children find guns in parent's drawers, or just while they are playing at their friend's house. Older brothers and sisters who might be involved in gangs might have weapons lying around or even feel its cool to show off to their younger siblings and their friends. However, some of the worst violence is not weaponry. It is the harassment from student to student. Psychological stability is a big issue today when it comes to safety. Peer pressure has left children feeling the need to concentrate more on the popular things to do, then what is best for the student; an education. In fact, Hazler, Hoover, and Oliver (1996) reported that three-fourths of the school students they surveyed indicated that they experienced harassment and bullying to such an extent that they suffered academic, personal, and social difficulties (Hernandez). Bullying can impact a child when it comes to learning. Having someone of the same age, belittle, embarrass, and put a child down, most of the time leads the child to

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