School Shootings: A Report

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School Shootings Introduction The spate of school shootings over the past few years has had a devastating impact on the families and communities where those wanton murders took place. President Barack Obama visits the towns where these tragedies take place and pays the nation's respect by addressing memorial services. At a recent memorial service following the massacre of elementary school children in Connecticut, the president said, "We can't tolerate this anymore." Meanwhile one of the most horrific school shootings took place in April, 1999, at Colorado at Columbine High School near Denver. The carnage from that outrage is still vivid in the minds of those affected, and with every new school shooting the grief from past slaughters comes back fresh in the mind. In this paper the "Final Report and Findings of the Safe School Initiative" from the U.S. Secret Service and the U.S. Department of Education will be reviewed and critiqued. Along with that critique, the findings from the Governor of Colorado's commission report on Columbine, and other reports related to school shootings will be presented. The Secret Service Report and Findings - Analysis The Secret Service Report and Findings ("Implications for the Prevention of School Attacks in the United States") (referred to as SSRF in this paper) was co-authored by the U.S. Department of Education, and basically is a document that examines numerous aspects of the what was thought then to be the atypical shooter, his
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