School Shootings And Its Effect On Society

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School Shootings
We never thought that a day would come where parents would be weeping over their child’s death, and such little hands could hold such a weapon that determines if a person lives or not. School shootings are on the rise more than ever in today’s society. We imagine school to be a place where we make new friends, learn about our society and gain an education. We all picture a safe place where our future all begins. Lately we often ask ourselves why do high school shootings occur and what goes on behind the minds of these individuals. As an average American we often overlook things and say “that could never happen at my school, school shootings rarely happen”. Communities all over the county live in fear of school shootings. Instead, we should feel secure in sending our children to school and not be afraid of what happens at school five days a week, seven hours each day. American schools have now become a dangerous place and high school shootings have been occurring all over the county leading to more and more deaths each year. Due to the number of school shootings each year we often have to ask ourselves who are these shooters and why do these events occur?
The most horrifying question about school shootings is who is capable of such a thing? As a society we often stereotype who these killers might be because it makes it easier to steer away from their path. The truth is there is not a clear category to point these kids out which would make easy for us to pick…
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