School Shootings And Its Effect On Society

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Violence in schools encompasses a number of different acts. Whether it’s physical or emotional bullying or even cyber-bullying; violence within schools is a major problem and it’s only increasing. However in a number of cases these may only be the beginning. Sometimes people take it a step further and actually bring a firearm into the school and start shooting it. Unfortunately school shootings have occurred throughout the country at an alarming rate. When someone shoots another (especially within the confines of a school) everyone is effected by this immense act of violence. When a school shooting occurs, it has a lasting effect on society as a whole and on the people directly involved. In the past two decades the United States, has seen an alarming increase in the number of school shootings across the nation. These extreme acts of violence throw the community as well as the rest of society into a whirlwind of emotions and leave public with more questions than answers. In recent three school shootings stand out the most to the general public. The Columbine shooting in Colorado, the Virginia Tech Massacre in Virginia and lastly the Sandy Hook School shooting in Connecticut. These three shootings, had lasting effects on the people directly involved as well as the rest of the nation. “Violence is one of the most urgent issues facing our nation’s schools. All over the country, Americans are asking why some young people open fire, apparently randomly, killing or wounding other
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