School Shootings Violence On Campus Or School Property

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I. Introduction
A. How often does everyone open the newspaper or turn on the TV and see there has been yet another school shooting?
B. Well According to Since 2013, there have been at least 178 school shootings in the United States. Granted that description includes anytime a fire arm has discharged on school property. That number averages out to about one shooting a week.
C. I have been researching this topic for about a week now and during my research I found out that school shootings only make up a small percentage of youth violence on campus or school property. But every shooting is a traumatic event not only for the students and teachers but for the community as well.
D. Most of the time active school shooters do not have one single reason for their attacks, it could be a bunch of different reasons. But, there are some ways that adults and students can reduce those chances of an attack occurring.
E. Today I am going to try and persuade you that we should arm our teachers. I am going to start by talking about what kind of problems we face on a daily basis, the solutions to those problems and what we can do to prevent such heinous things from happening.

Transition: I want to first start with how not arming teachers is a problem and why.

II. Problem/Need
A. Currently we have been experiencing an increase in school shootings which is making schools a target for violence.
1. Schools such as Columbine High School, Virginia Technical College and…
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