School Size Has An Effect On College Enrollment Essay

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As captain of her high school hockey team, leader of the art club, and the lead in the school play my close friend was very involved in high school. Of course, this is a lot of achievements, but she also did not have a lot of competition coming from a school with a graduating class of one hundred and fifty. Given more involvement smaller schools seem to be fantastic, but do larger schools send more graduates to college? With this I researched the question if high school size has an effect on college enrollment. While compiling all my data, I also focused directly on four specific Minnesota colleges in 2014.
The first school I chose was the high school for the Walker-Hackensack-Akeley students. These three towns are about four hours north of the twin cities in north central Minnesota, and all have populations under 1,000. Surrounded by many of Minnesota 's nice lakes such as Leech Lake, these cities tend to be busy cabin towns. The high school in 2014 had about 42 graduates and had a result of 67% of their students going to college. In exact numbers, 7 went to a public four year, 9 to a public two year, 1 went to a private 2 year, 4 to a private 4 year, leaving the last 7 students traveling out of Minnesota. The student break down can be seen below, blue is public 4 years, green is public two years, yellow is private two years, red is private four years, and purple represents out of state colleges.

The top four colleges graduates decided to attend were Bemidji State
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