School Spirit in Schools

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Who is to Blame? The lack of school spirit in schools is an increasing problem. The first group of people I blame is the school itself and the second is the people at school. There's a ton of other things that I could blame for the fact that there's no school spirit but these are just the ones that first came to mind. The school is the problem for the lack of school spirit. For starters, Having to go to school 35 hours of the week is not fun. Plus, for those of us who have to get a job when we are able to thats not fun either. So you figure 35 hours at school plus a part-time job and you sleep. That hardly leaves any time for us to relax. That's not even considering the fact that most of our teachers give homework. The first couple of weeks, we're happy to be in school and we have school spirit then it slowly diminishes until the end of the year because we're getting burnt out. Speaking of which, How do teachers expect us to recharge if they give homework over break?Personally, I hate school. It's really stressful and I don't exactly have the best time while I'm at home. I have a very stressful life and school only makes it worse. So the fact that we're don't get time to recharge and we get stressed out because of the amount of stuff we have to do, makes it hard to have school spirit. The other thing I blame for the lack of school spirit is the people at school, that includes teachers. Sometimes, you hate teachers or other students and they just mess up your whole day,
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