School Sports Research Paper

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School sports can be very beneficial for children to participate in. It would be a good thing to give students the option on whether they want to join a sport or not. For many children, sports take up a big part of their life. School sports can help kids get their needed exercise to be healthy and they also teach important life skills. School sports are a constructive way for children to use their free time.

For one thing, school sports allow children to get their needed physical activity to maintain students' health. With obesity rates rising, being active is quite important and something everyone needs. Sports help to get students up and exercising so they don't end up sitting all day. In fact, a study found that students who played on three or more sport teams were 27% less likely to become obese. Playing sports lowers the risk of becoming obese and increases health.
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Therefore, sports can lead to them achieving skills like empathy. For instance, a study at the University of Michigan, students who were more active scored higher in leadership and empathy skills. Those who were in team sports also scored higher in leadership and empathy skills as to those who were not involved. These type of skills can be very useful in later situations.

Although that may all be true, school sports can be dangerous to student's health. With proper use of equipment though, those injuries can be decreased. Therefore, looking at, they list many ways to lower the risk of injuries occurring from sport related things. There are simple ways to help prevent the dangers, like wearing the correct gear, using the proper technique, and playing by the rules. School sports do not have to be as harmful as they are as long as people play it
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