School Staff Members Stress On Children Regarding Healthy Foods

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In this article, the discussion involved the issue school staff members stress on children concerning "healthy foods". In colorado, a teacher sent home a note to the parent of a pre-schooler criticizing and stating that the oreo cookies packed for lunch are "unhealthy". The issue raised a question on whether or not parents or schools should decide on what to pack for lunch. The school lunch includes healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy products and whole grains. Teachers believe they 're entitled to making these decisions based on what a child can eat to maintain their health. Some teachers believe in directing parents on something they think is not right and I would say that is not a teacher 's place to decide. This issue based on school lunch is not necessarily followed by individuals who have particular types of food they eat. Every child has their own specific diet followed at home due to cultural differences or for medical reasons. A parent knows what can motivate his or her child to eat something that wouldn 't upset their stomach or cause any allergic reactions. Rowell and Mcglothlin (2015) found that school wellness policies not backed by research enable or require school staff members to hover, judge and even confiscate food. Referring to the statement about school wellness policies: The policy was made to provide school environments with structures on healthy eating. "Just because schools want to promote healthy eating for
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