School Start Times

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“Ameen Al-Dalli,16 years old, who will begin his junior year at Langley High School, said he has fallen asleep in class. The high-performing honors student said he has to get up at 5:30 a.m. and be at the bus stop at 6:20 to get to school for the 7:20 start time. Ameen said he aims for a bedtime of 11:30 p.m. but if he has a big test or a paper he might not go to bed until 12:30 or 1 a.m.. At most, he gets seven hours of sleep at night and usually around five or six, he said” (Reddy). This high school student stays up late for his schoolwork and is forced to get up early to get to school on time. On school nights, Ameen Al-Dalli only gets seven hours of sleep at the most. Even though Al-Dalli continues to maintains his grades, the start for…show more content…
Due to lack of sleep, drowsy driving is common along with risky behaviors and poor attendance. Research shows that a positive outcome from later school start times is it can improve physical and mental health. Students are sleep deprived which increases the risk of driving accidents and dangerous decisions such as the use of drugs and alcohol (Reddy). This shows that the amount of sleep teenagers get can alter the way they behave and can even cause them to make poor choices. Also, “A study by an economist after 146,000 middle school students in North Carolina started school an hour later showed math and reading scores went up two to three percentile points. In addition, students watched TV 15 minutes less per day and spent 17 minutes more on homework per week. In 2011, a study of first- year cadets at the Air Force Academy showed a similar correlation. Freshman take the same courses, but those who began before 8 a.m. scored lower in all classes than whose who started an hour later” (Manning). This quote proves that when students start at a later time, they have more energy and score better on tests Also, children are spending more time on their school work which causes a decrease in the time spent watching TV. Since studies show an advancement in teenagers’ behavior and academic grades, schools should start the day later in the
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