School Students With Disabilities: Article Analysis

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Donna Seymour
SWK 22103
Prof. Sparks
September 21, 2015 Article Summary In 2003, Sandra Altshuler and Sandra Kopels co-wrote an article about children being in schools with disabilities. This will be a summary of the article and I will use some of my own words also. This article is a great read for anyone who is wanting to work with persons with disabilities. There are many reasons that a child could have a disability. Whether it be from birth, genetic, or disease related, they are still human beings and deserve to be treated the same and no different. School social workers may provide counseling to individual children, work with children in groups, or work with entire classrooms. School social workers may help families get services
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Depending on the disability, the child could begin getting services when he or she is a baby or preschooler. The roles of school social workers vary from one school district to another and from one state to the next. School social workers may work with children in general education, special education, or both. School social workers may talk with children and their parents when a child is considered for special education services. Social workers are often part of the team involved in the evaluation when a child has behavior or mental health…show more content…
Through the roles social workers assume, they have the opportunity to collaborate in the improvement of the lives of those they serve. Social workers who provide mental health services are required to be licensed by the state in which they practice. Their roles can vary from student to student, providing a variety of experiences on a daily basis. However, like many social workers, the caseloads of school social workers are often high. School social workers can be assigned to more than one school, requiring time to travel between locations. Often the school social worker performs in isolation and may not have access to consistent supervision. There also may be limited resources to support service delivery such as a lack of confidential and private space, supplies, and
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