School : The Philosophy And Philosophy Of High School

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High schools these days are too plain and strict. There’s not much that’s interesting about them and students are forced to take certain classes they don’t want to take because they are boring or unnecessary. If I had the option to create a whole new high school, my prevailing philosophy would be to make them more relaxed, focus more on arts and athletics, and show the liberal arts in a more interesting way. High schools need to be more relaxed. Students wake up before seven a.m. and go class to class for about seven or eight hours of the day. Then they come home, do their homework, and some even have sports or jobs to go too. The day goes by fast and leaves us with very little free time. If high school is about preparing us for college and college is preparing us for the real world, then high schools should understand most students have jobs already to help us prepare for college and life. Teachers should be more flexible and give us less homework, or even a study hall hour. Just some part of the day that we have time to do our homework and studying so we have more time at the end of the day. Teachers could also be a little more understanding of how stressed our lives are and be okay with the fact that maybe a student who had a really late game or long hours of work didn’t have time to do the homework and give additional time to get it done. Students are losing sleep by staying up late at night finishing homework and then getting up early the next day again for school.

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