School Ties Analysis

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School Ties Analysis What can studying a film about a Jewish boy teach you about life and communication? In this paper, I will be discussing three concepts that I found in the film “School Ties”, and why they stood out to me. The three concepts that I have chosen to write about are the attraction, stereotypes, and conflict. These are the concepts that I saw most affecting in the film. First, attraction is the force that brings two people or a small group together (Johns, pg. 196). The three most common attractions are physical, social, and task attraction. Physical attraction refers to looks and appearance. For example, when David Greene is dancing with Sally Wheeler, it seems that they are attracted to one another, because of the way they act and look at each other. They are awkwardly, standing and not making much eye contact; David really portrays this by looking at Sally and her dress. There is social attraction, which is the reflection of feelings that we want to “hang out” with a person or group (Johns, pg. 196). Another definition is “A motivational state in which an individual thinks, feels, and usually behaves in a positive manner” (Johns, pg. 197). For example, when all the football players are hanging out and listening to music, there is social attraction. When they are all-together, and enjoying the same things, like football and being rebels, they are socially accepting one another. There is task attraction, which is the desire to work with others to
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