School Tips For School Shopping

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Whaddup, everyone! It 's your girl here back from vacay and jumping straight into work, just like a lot of you because I know a lot of you are going back to school, or you live across the world and you been in school for a few months now so in that case, awkward... But either way, it doesn 't matter if you 're just starting school or you 've been doing it for a while now, I 'mma give you the realest school advice ever! And I mean like real real. Not like Nicki Minaj booty real when there 's like a huge controversy and people don 't know if it 's real or fake. Nah! And eff the whole "Make sure you do your readings," and "You don 't study on an empty stomach" vibe. I 'mma tell you some advice, tips, and tricks for school that I wish people told me when I was in school. You ready? You ready? Leggo.
Number one.
Back-to-School shopping is the biggest scam ever! And, baby, I get it, okay. I see the back-to-school commercials all like, "Hey! Look at me with with my new backpack and laptop, getting great grades because I am happy, with perfect effin ' hair!" But, nah. That 's just not how things work and I know you 've convinced yourself and your parents that you need all these expensive school supplies in order to succeed... But, boo, can I be real with you? That new laptop and those cool-looking gel pens over there are not gonna get 'cha good grades, okay. Studying and sucking up to the teacher are gonna get 'cha good grades. So get some discipline and some self-control, save…
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