School Uniform Advantages

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The Benefits of School Uniform Nelson Mandela once states, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” The quote emphasizes the importance of education. In related to education, school uniform is a great thing that everybody has heard of and should have one as a student. It shows the pride of the students as being part of the school, and it also creates an identity of the school; however, not everyone agrees with the idea of wearing school uniforms. In the early 1900s, school uniforms have been starting to use in parochial and private schools in the United States. Not until the 1980s, public schools began to use uniforms. People have a negative look towards this topic because they view school uniform as an object that has taken away their freedom of expression. Besides, it is considered unnecessary in their look because they think that it does not help them anything in study, and it wastes their money. In fact, school uniform provides students more benefits than what people think. Without a doubt, it represents a symbol of equality in the educational field since everybody has the same shirt color. Students should wear school uniform to school, as it will provide a safe environment, make student focus more on studying rather than their appearance, and even save the precious time and money of the students and the parents. Many people believe that school uniforms restrict students from expressing themselves, which is false because they provide students a lot of great opportunities. School uniforms do not make students the same as anyone else. To illustrate, as a student, he or she can still show their style while wearing a school uniform, such as adding accessories, changes in hairstyles, etc. To prove that uniforms contribute to the expression of the students, the School Uniform Statistics provides the fact that only five percentages of the teachers said that school uniform hindered self-expression and creativity of the students. Students can be unique and participate in school activities so as to express themselves while they are wearing school uniforms. For example, students can join in talent shows, art exhibitions, drama, music classes, etc. that are being held at the
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