School Uniform Is Good Or Bad?

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The school uniform is good or bad? This is a question debated in many schools. School uniforms have many advantages and disadvantages; it depends on the thought and opinion of each person. Some people think that school uniforms display the discipline, obedience of students and it helps students can save time in choosing the outfit every day; it helps poor students have equality with everyone in school; it helps students be distinct from other people and it makes students feel proud of their school. Some people think that school uniforms are not good because it make them feel uncomfortable, they do not want to see other students wear the same clothes with them; it prevents individual personality and creativity, lack of originality and expression of each student. In my opinion, wearing school uniform is good for students.
School uniforms display the discipline and obedience. It helps students a polite appearance and courteous behavior with which students need. At the same time, this is also a way to avoid having students dress inconsistently with the school environment. Not only have that, school uniform also a tool to help schools manage students better. School uniform will help remind obligations and responsibilities of students. Therefore, when students see the uniform, they will try to study hard and do not an argument with the teacher or other students in the class. Previously, most of the private schools require school uniform, but currently some public
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