School Uniform Is Not A Public School Tradition Essay

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School uniform has been a rising issues throughout the country and the issue has been getting only bigger with the internet and social medial. School uniform was not a public school tradition but it was first famous among English charity schools in England. It was a blue coat like the one worn at christ’s hospital and it is known to be one of the earliest examples of school uniforms. They took “fatherless and poor children from the parish and educated them(Scott). After a while it became a tradition in schools and it the idea spread out with the expansion of the great Britain. Now is a tradition across the world in almost every school. But in united states not all schools have uniforms and that is because of the different viewpoints on uniforms. Some say its good for student because it breaks stereotyping and groups in school and helps students get along with one another which helps decreases the chances of bullying. but then some argue that it is against the constitution because it takes away the student’s freedom which the first amendment in the constitution. School Uniforms problem has been growing issue along with the issue of bullying and cyberbullying because of the expansion of social media. These issues are popular among teenagers in middle and high school because in this age kids are busy with social media and the internet and it is shaping most their lives. They are more concerned about how they look, what they wear and how people see them rather than

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