School Uniform Outline

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I. Introduction -
A. Thesis Statement- Wearing school uniforms in public schools has numberless amounts of positive benefits both at school and at home.
II. Body paragraph #1 – School uniforms can save parents hundreds of dollars a year due to not allowing children to wear the latest fashion trends.
Supporting Evidence
1. King also points out,” More specifically, many have argued that school uniforms assist in reducing school violence and theft; preventing gang activity, such as students wearing gang colors and gang insignia; providing discipline in students; helping students concentrate on their school work; helping students to resist peer pressure; and helping school officials easily recognize school intruders. (P.32, P.33)
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All this information is significant because it shows the advancement of education when there are fewer distractions around the room.
III. Body paragraph #2 – School uniforms allows students to stay focused on education, verses who is wearing the coolest clothes or shoes.
A. Supporting Evidence
1. Daugherty explains often schools uniforms are less expensive than the clothing that students typically wear to school. Nonetheless, the cost of purchasing a uniform may be a burden on some families. Districts planning to institute a uniform policy should address this issue prior to implementation. Grants of assistance have been available from federal or state agencies and from private sources, and graduates typically donate their uniforms to the school.
B. Explanation
1. Luscombe explains Kids change out of uniforms the moment they get home. They don’t wear them on weekends. Nobody ever wants to hang on to them for one second longer than they have to. Consequently, they can be donated back to the school. People who can’t afford new uniforms can purchase pre-loathed ones, with the money going to fund the school programs.
IV. Body paragraph #3 – Parents usually make the decision to enroll a child in a school that requires a uniform, due to the higher safety
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