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Communication studies 105 11/ 30/ 2007 Persuasive speech School uniform Introduction (Significance and background) Everybody in this class room has had or will have children. Anyway it will happen that your kids will become the most important point of your life. You will do everything to keep them happy. When they are small only you can influence on their behavior. Parents always want to see their kids healthy, well-bread and happy. After some time, when your heirs grow up enough, they will go to school. As soon as this happens you lose part of your influence on their upbringing. The school grabs this part from you. Students usually spend 1/3 of their day time there. This new society will build up their way of thinking and way of…show more content…
Also it helps develop a sense of pride in the school and inspires students to study. B. School uniforms develop a sense of pride in school and inspire students to study. Pupils wear the same style of clothes and it helps to reduce the difference among students and focus their attention on studying materials. 1. Uniforms usually reduce the competition among students to wear certain (and nearly always expensive) brands of clothing. a. Over 75% of schools in uniform noted a reduction in peer pressure among their students after adopting a uniform policy. b. Students can focus on subjects instead of talking of each others’ cloth. c. So, it gets their attention during classes. d. Almost 80% of schools with uniforms say classroom discipline has improved Uniforms promote good behavior and provide an improved environment for learning 2. A lot of private schools have policies about school uniforms. Heads of these institutions encourage students to be proud of their school. I think that public schools should try to get their students to be proud of them the same way. a. I think that this is a good point to be proud of your school, because, if school is good, it is always pleasure to show your participation in school processes. b. On the other hand it encourages students to reach new achievements, and to help you school to become one of the best in local areas if it is not. (Transition) As I said before, school uniform develops a sense of pride in the

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