School Uniform Policy And Student Achievement

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Much of the current school uniform policy literature offers descriptions of potential strategies to achieve successful school uniform implementation. After reviewing all literature, the finding provide some support on school uniform policy and student achievement. Survey No.1, student survey indicated that combined with both schools, more girls participated in the study than boys. The results were very similar in both school results that most males and females did not agree with the uniform policy. Specifically more females, one hundred and seventy eight females overall did not agree. Students indicated that they totally disagreed with the school uniform policy because of their identity restrictions, which the school have enforce on them.
The majority of the students from LaGrange High School who participated in this study were ninth graders. However, at this age students are going through identity crisis and are trying to find themselves. School uniforms identify students as a group or the same person because everyone wears the same style and color of clothing. Which is very good because school officials can identify outside intruders from students. But students do not want to look like each other, they want to be different. Schools often adopt the school uniform policy as a way to improve student self-esteem and cut down clothing cost to parents. Several students did indicate, on the survey that school uniforms help them to feel safe at school. This is an
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