School Uniforms : A Veil Of Creativity

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Vernon Medina
Jaime Watkins
English III Honors
12 November 2015
School Uniforms : A Veil of Creativity Although the uniform requirement has just been recently imposed, uniforms have been in existence for several centuries now. The first documented usage of a ‘standard’ garment in education was in 1222, where students were required to wear a “cappa clausa” or a robe-like outfit. School uniforms make schools a less happier place. School uniforms restricts self expression. Having required uniforms in a school’s curriculum negatively affects a student’s being because it restricts self expression, violates the 1st amendment, and they are simply unliked by many, being uncomfortable and unappealing. (Erikson) The main problem that school uniforms bring upon schools, is the restriction of a student’s self expression. Without self expression being available for the youth, many problems can stir up. Lack of self expression can lead to long term effects such as a delay transition into adulthood. Adults make their own clothing choices and have the freedom to express themselves through their appearance. So without this freedom, kids have no choice but to wear outfits required by the school. Denying children and teenagers the opportunity to make those choices may make them ill-prepared for the adult world. Self expression is vital for a kid’s mind, it helps one figure out who they really are and also gives them a voice to inform the public about their opinions, personalities, and
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