School Uniforms Advantages And Disadvantages

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In the past 11 years, the percentage of schools wearing uniforms in the US has gone from 11.8% to 18.9%. Requiring students to wear school uniforms has many more benefits than disadvantages, because uniforms improve the safety of, not only students, but everyone on campus, reduce the likeliness of bullying through the form of equality brought with uniforms, and boost the student’s ability to nonviolently and reasonably solve social problems. School uniforms have been proven to make school campuses safer. In Nevada, Sparks Middle School started wearing uniforms in 2008. They found a 63% decrease in police log reports. This shows that the amount of violence and need for discipline has substantially decreased, which benefits the entire school community.It also makes it easier to spot trespassers on school property and to find students on field trips and on other out of school activities. This lowers the chances of any of the students getting lost, or worse, hurt. This example shows that uniforms have many advantages for safety. The students safety is the school’s top priority and is made possible through school uniforms. Safety is just one of the many benefits that come with uniforms. Problem solving abilities are an important piece of everyday life, not just for students, but for everyone. An example of uniforms improving problem solving skills is in Long Beach, where when the K-8 students were required to wear uniforms, the number of assault and battery cases in the area
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