School Uniforms: An Instrument Of Oppression

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School uniforms, are an enigma that we are, as members of a small quiet community, not very familiar with. Yet even here it has been argued that we should introduce them. I would argue that this is a horrible proposition. In this article I will argue the points that these uniforms violate our constitutional rights, hinder creative development, and could very easily be used as an instrument of oppression. I present these arguments in hopes of convincing you that school uniforms are utterly unacceptable.
The first amendment establishes many rights entitled to a citizen of the United states, the one most relevant to this issue being freedom of speech. It was established in the mid twentieth century that students retain these rights while under the authority of a school. School uniforms infringe on these principles enshrined into the constitution.
Many might argue that this is a necessary evil, or perhaps not an evil at all. It is far from a necessary evil. Research has shown that school uniforms do not fulfill the promises of better academics and behavior, and may even have negative impacts. I would also like to point out that freedom of speech isn’t just words. It also covers what may be referred to as “the right to expression”. School
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It is very clear that school uniforms easily could become an instrument against minorities. Who already face fast difficulties in the american school system. Given the recent climate of our nation, I am compelled towards a few specific examples. Imagine how easily a muslim girl in a hostile climate may be forced to take off her hijab, an important religious symbol signifying humility. Think of the fact that girls may be forced into what they see as a sin against their god. Or, how easily school uniforms may be used to quiet the voices of LGBTQ students. How they could be told that they may not express pride or participate in programs meant to take a stand against
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