School Uniforms And Its Effect On The Youth Of All Ages

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Uniforms in Public Schools Fashion has always made a huge impact on the youth of all ages. Every student fights to be deemed the coolest in school by wearing the most popular styles. All this focus on who looks the best, takes away from what really matters; learning. School uniforms should be a requirement in public schools because it reduces peer pressure and discrimination, decreases gang activity, leaves more time for students to be focused on learning, and enhances self-esteem. When students are all dressed alike there tends to be less peer pressure and discrimination. They would not be in competition with each other on who has the newest trends. If uniforms were a requirement, the students would be less focused on economic status (Walmsley, 2011). Those lower-income students would be able to fit in as equals amongst their peers. They would not be pressured into trying to be someone they are not. As King (1998) claims, “Requiring children to wear the same clothing could send a message that they all belong to the same team” (para. 3). If they feel they are equal it takes away from the pressure of fitting in and being accepted. There are numerous benefits with making uniforms a requirement in public schools. First off, parents would not stress about buying all kinds of different clothes. Some parents might argue that uniforms are too expensive. Walmsy (2011) asserts that, “when every school must follow the rule, more of the items become available at lower costs”
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