School Uniforms And Its Effects On People And Their Behavior

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What people choose to put on their backs and how they present themselves is a choice that people decide every single day of their lives. Sometimes, it allows people to express themselves and show the outside world who they genuinely are but other times it allows people to become a completely different person if it is used as a costume for an event or to act on stage in a play or musical. Clothing has a larger impact on people and their behavior than most people would like to consider. What students choose to wear to school every single day impacts their lives more than most realize for example, in school. What students choose to wear to school can affect how well they are able to participate and focus on their studies. The clothing that students choose to put on their backs affects their self-esteem, what class level their classmates perceive them as, and their behavior. Implementing a school uniforms in public school can benefit the school and the students academically in their grades and their behavior in their classrooms and interacting with their peers.
The fact always remains that people will always judge another by looks. Maybe we don’t let that be the permanent impression that one individual will leave on us but no one ever gets a second chance at a first impression. As previously stated clothing is one of the key factors on how people will judge another. For instance, if you saw a man with battered clothes and a battered cardboard side asking for work, you would…
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