School Uniforms And Its Placebo Effect Essay

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Maria Duran Professor Alan Douglas English 102 4 December 2016 School Uniforms and its Placebo Effect School uniforms predominately used in private schools are now becoming increasingly common in public schools throughout the United States. During the 2013- 2014 schoolyear, one in five public schools required students to wear uniforms, which is an increase from the 2003-2004 school year in which one in eight schools required the use of uniforms (US Department of Education and US Department of Justice) first documented use of required dress in education stems from England in 1222 when the Archbishop of Canterbury required students to wear the “cappa causa” (a robe-like outfit). The origin of today’s uniforms can be routed back to 16th century England when the poverty-stricken children attending Christ’s Hospital Boarding School wore cloaks similar to those of a clergyman. This was done so in order to clothe the impoverished children who may not otherwise have clothing (Jenny Scott BBC News Online) Even today most of the schools requiring uniforms are located in low-income neighborhoods. The uses of uniforms in today’s public schools are a placebo under the guise to provide a safe learning environment. This is done so by eliminating the competition of dress and creating a feeling of equalization and sense of security among students. There are many school officials who agree with the use of uniforms stating that it greatly reduces crime and increases student safety. The
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