School Uniforms And The American Civil Liberties Union Of Nevada

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Traditionally favored by charter and private schools, and institutions of the like, school uniforms are being introduced to public schools at an increasing rate. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees all citizens the right to express oneself; The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada states that having a choice in clothing is “…Crucial form of self-expression.” The ACLU also argues that “allowing students to choose their clothing is an empowering message from the schools that a student is a maturing person who is entitled to the most basic self-determination,” (Four Reasons). Self-expression of style aside, choices in clothing are also a popular method of expressing support for any variety of social causes, ideologies, and affiliations, and school uniforms strip students of this option completely. Schools broadcast a mixed message of sorts when boasting their appreciation and encouragement for diversity, yet enforcing a standardized uniform which severely limits individuals from expressing this diversity. The Huffington Post published the argument of a Kyler Sumter, 16, of Lindblom Math and Science Acadamy in Chicago. Kyler argues “They decide to teach us about people like Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony and Booker T. Washington… We learn how these people expressed themselves and conquered and we can’t even express ourselves in the hallways,” (Sumter). Arguments against school uniforms as a means of limiting self-expression do not belong only

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