School Uniforms And The Success Of Public Schools

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School uniforms are beneficial to students at all grade levels and can be a contributing factor in improving test scores, attendance and the graduation rate, while decreasing school violence and behavior issues. Research has proven significant connections between school uniforms and the success of public schools. In 1996 approximately three percent of all schools in the United States had a school uniform policy (Gentile & Imberman, 2009) . In 2015 23% of schools reported a uniform policy (Statistic Brain Research Institute , 2015). Inner city schools are more likely than suburban, town, and rural areas to have a school uniform policy, because urban schools often struggle with violence, failing school districts, and attendance policies (U.S Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences) and uniform policies have been proven to benefit such schools. Many schools implement a school uniform to combat violence and gang related activities. Gangs present a growing challenge for schools, particularly those within an urban setting. A report by the US Department of Education and the Department of Justice (2014) found that 16% of schools reported gang related activities in their schools in 2010; this is down from 20% in 2008. In an effort to curb violence and improve school performance in 1995 Long Beach Unified School District became the first large urban school district to initiate a district wide uniform policy for students in Kindergarten through eighth grade.

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